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Instant License Dubai : All what you need to know

Instant License is a new unique license that has recently introduced by The Department of Economic Development. It is a great license option for those who want to have a fast Mainland License without any physical office for the first year! Yes, No physical office required for the first year with the Instant License option! This service enables issuing the commercial license through only one step without the need for the Company’s memorandum of association and the site’s lease contract for the first year only. The site will be transferred and the Company’s memorandum of association will be attached upon renewal of the license. Alternatively, a Memorandum of Association can be drafted and signed at Dubai Courts after issuing the trade license without any complications. It requires the presence of all License parties in order to sign before the certified Notary Public within one of the available branches of Dubai Courts accordingly. What are the requirements for issuing the instant license?

  • All partners or one of them shall visit the outsourcing center to apply for the service.

  • Provide copies of the passports for all the license parties (partners and managers).

  • Provide a copy of residence visa and NOC issued by the sponsor for foreign parties.

  • Provide a copy of the visit visa to foreign parties.

Personal attendance to create a new account in (Dubai ID) for parties who don’t have a previous account. The applicant shall show his/her original ID. What is the legal form for the Instant License? The Instant license can be issued with all legal types. What are the available activities that can be available for the Instant license? It doesn’t restricts activities as soon as they don’t require any external approvals during the registration. It is not an option for any Business Activity that requires a physical office with specific size as a condition for the License Issuance. The General Trading Business Activity should be formed as a Limited Liability Company and it can’t be formed under any other forms through the E-services portal of the Department of Economic Development. How can I put the Manager’s responsibilities if there is no MOA? The Memorandum of Association can be drafted and signed after the Instant License issuance without any problems. It can be drafted with full responsibilities of the license Manager. What if I want to rent my own office and go for the Instant License? It is associated with an automatic governmental address that will be generated in the Instant License by default. You can only Change Address to any other Office Location after issuing the license.

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